MetaStock Xenith - Trading Desk

What is MetaStock Xenith?

What is MetaStock Xenith?

MetaStock Xenith is a huge data resource for all day traders, it covers all asset classes like stock trading, forex trading, futures trading and many more. It provides a live connection to the markets with both news, charts and historical data for research. This behemoth of an application is without a doubt a killer application for all traders in the financial markets.

What’s in MetaStock Xenith?

Asset Classes 

Something for every trader. Whether you trades Stocks, Options, Futures, Commodities, Indices, Forex or even Real Estate MetaStock Xenith has you covered. These are invaluable for all our different Trading Desks.

MetaStock Xenith - Asset Classes

Apps for Analytics and Calculations

Metstock xenith- Analytics and Calcs


Metstock Xenith - Charting

Company Details

MetaStock Xenith Company Details App


MetaStock Xenith Markets


MetaStock Xenith - Monitoring

MetaStock Xenith Templates from Traders4Traders

Traders4Traders have created some great templates for Xenith to save you time digging through Xenith. They facilitate the Forex Market and will get you started on the right track. Traders4Traders also have a deal with MetaStock to provide MetaStock Xenith with a 3 month trial for USD$99 and then $99 per month.

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