Trading Desks

Virtual Trading Desks

Public Virtual Trading Desks

 We provide Public Virtual Trading Desks for all traders to to participate in. Any trader can join a desk and will have visibility to any content and activity within this trading desk.  We cover all tradeable asset classes. Currently they include:

Private Virtual Trading Desks

If you would like to create and run your own trading desk, this is the perfect solution. Traders within the website cannot view inside your trading desk, however they can request to join and you as the Head Trader can accept or deny access to your trading desk. Your Trading Desk will be listed with the public desks so other traders can see that its available to join.
In summary:
  • Only traders who request membership and are accepted can join your trading desk.
  • The trading desk will be listed in the virtual trading desk directory and in search results.
  • Trading Desk content and activity will only be visible to traders of that desk.
Virtual Trading Desks
Virtual Trading Desks

Hidden Virtual Trading Desks

 If you currently have a private group of traders and don’t wish others to see the trading desk you can request a hidden trading desk where as a the head trader you invite traders into the trading desk.
In short:
  • Only traders who are invited can join the trading desk.
  • This trading desk will not be listed in the Virtual Trading Desk directory or search results.
  • Trading desk content and activity will only be visible to the traders of the trading desk.

Request a Private or Hidden Virtual Trading Desk

If you would like to find out more about a Private or Hidden Trading Desk please make your request below and we can either set one up straightaway or arrange an online Zoom meeting to discuss.